Couch Potato Strong Tee + Golden Potato Set


Couch Potato Strong T-shirt and Golden Potato set Bundle.

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The Couch Potato Strong Tee is more than a shirt, it represents a philosophy of fitness and health. Couch Potato Strong is the belief that we should all strive to be healthy and strong, but, to have fun while doing so. If you see a piece of cake you want, eat that cake, but, do so in moderation. Someone who is Couch Potato Strong is someone who hits the weights, but prioritizes quality of life.

The Golden Potato is unique grip tool that combines natural stone lifting with gripsport. Test your might with the Golden Potato and see if you have what it takes to make it onto the Global Leaderboards!!!

The Golden Potato grip implement is featured in the upcoming Pacific Northwest Armlifting USA competition on July 10, 2021 (see our events page).


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Dimensions 20 × 16 × 13 cm

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