Among the Stones with Myra King (aka Moo)

Last week we were honored to host a workout with Hero healthcare worker, Myra King.

During this pandemic we rely on our healthcare workers to keep the entire community safe from the virus. Presently healthcare workers are battling an invisible enemy. Not only is the enemy invisible, but, there are no known weapons that can kill this enemy. Let that sink in for a minute.

Myra King is a caregiver. She is fortunate that in her line of healthcare, she is not facing the virus head on. However, Myra works with a very high-risk population, and, she is responsible for providing care while minimizing the risk of exposure. As a result, Myra has become an expert in staying safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

At Couch Potato Strong we strive to provide applicable health advice directly from people living the healthy lifestyle. During our workout and interview we discussed challenges healthcare workers are facing during the pandemic, tips for staying safe during the pandemic, and, what to do if you think you may have been exposed. Instead of transcribing the entire interview, the following is a summary of the best advice from the segment. The entire interview is available for viewing at(

Why Healthcare?

            When asked why she chose to work in the field of healthcare, Myra said she felt that healthcare chose her. She was offer a position in the field, and, she had previously assisted her parents with the care of her Grandfather. Therefore, she had experience prior to her start as a professional caregiver. She began working in the field, and, realized she enjoyed it. Upon realizing this she entered college to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant degree (CNA). After earning her degree, she became a full-time certified caregiver. She has been in the field now for over twelve years.


            When asked what the biggest challenge she is facing as a caregiver, Myra explained that visitation (or, lack of) is the adversity her clients are focused on. The challenge is not only controlling the risk of exposure, but, explaining why precautions are in place. Her clients are elderly, and, the requirements of visitation through widows, wearing masks, and social distancing are confusing and break the routine of her clients, who, rely heavily on routine to maintain health. As we age it is critical we begin to build a routine that keeps us healthy.

Safety Tips.

            When asked what are some tips we can use to stay safe during the pandemic, Myra said the biggest things you can do are:

  • Avoid large crowded areas.
  • Avoid gatherings of people whom you are not normally around.
  • Wear your mask and wash your hands!
  • Stay home if possible.

What to do if I feel sick.

            When asked what to do if you feel sick, or think you may have been exposed, Myra said, the very first thing you should do is isolate yourself; and, call people you have recently had contact with. Typically, family, your work, and close friends. Explain you may have been exposed, and, are in process of getting tested. Then of course get tested and let people you have been around know the test results. This is not a private matter, people need to know (as soon as possible) if they have been around someone who has tested positive.

The workout.

            Myra said the thing she wanted to do most was to earn a stone in her name. In order to do this Hero guests must lift a stone and carry it as far as they can without dropping the stone. Myra lifted a 97lb stone, and, carried the stone 81ft without dropping. When she finally did drop the stone, it was after several minutes of trying to stand and continue walking after sitting down with the stone. Myra nearly made it back to standing after some great effort. 

            Myra opted to name her stone “Moo”. She said this is her nickname, and, that it comes from her love of cows. This is the first nicknamed stone at Couch Potato Strong. After earning a stone in her name, Moo decided to try her hand at the Golden Potatoes.

            Moo set the Golden Potato farmer’s walk, and, battery hold records. For the farmer’s walk, Moo carried 54.4lbs (27.2 each hand) for a distance of 141ft in 34.71 seconds. This is a tough feat as the carry requires one to grip only half of the underside of the potato, thus, it is performed with the fingertips supporting the weight. Additionally, the carry is across uneven terrain.

            The battery hold is also quite challenging. No records with the Golden Potato grips are performed in a standard lifting manner. The battery hold is not only a standard battery hold, but, a pinch lift as well. The weight is held out in front of the person at shoulder height as a normal battery hold; however, the weight is suspended from two Golden Potatoes that must be pinched. Moo was able to Golden Potato battery hold 17.4lbs for a respectable 38.91 seconds.


            At Couch Potato Strong we may take a risk or two lifting a heavy stone, but, we that’s about it. We have nothing but the upmost respect for our healthcare workers who are risking their very lives every day they go to work. We are truly honored to have had Moo take time out of her busy schedule to remind us how to stay safe. We thank all the healthcare heroes for everything they do.

Take care, and keep moving.

Couch Potato Strong.