Workout with SWAT Officer Chris Daigle

Over the Independence Day weekend we were honored to have Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Officer Christopher Daigle visit the Couch Potato Garage. This visit was a surprise, as Chris is a close friend of the family. Thus, we did not do the entire interview segment; however, we learned quite a bit from this workout.

SWAT Officers, like athletes, workout regularly; however, unlike athletes, SWAT Officers do not get to plan all of their heavy lifting. Chris told a story about arresting a particularly large man (6’6” 300+lbs). It took quite a bit of work to wrestle this suspect to the ground. Chris said he could feel his body was sore from the arrest the next day. Chris herniated a disc in his back. This injury still bugs Chris to this day if he is not careful. However, Chris said he has no regrets as injury is a risk one must take in law enforcement.

Officers of the Law risk not only injury, but, potential death in the pursuit to serve and protect their community. We at Couch Potato Strong strongly support our law enforcement. Common sense will tell you there are going to be bad people in every industry, do not let the media convince you that cops are bad people. The truth is the majority of cops are highly dedicated to serving their community to the best of their ability.

Defunding police could lead to underpaid and overworked Officers. An overworked Officer is not going to be able to focus and respond properly to an emergency. Furthermore, an underpaid Officer is worried about feeding his children, and, likely unfocused. Proper funding will lead to well rested, educated, and focused Officers. Proper funding could lead to better training, and, psychological evaluations. Ultimately, defunding the police will not lead to a better police force. 

Take care, and, be safe,

Couch Potato Strong.