Special Guests

Here you will find a list of special guests who have visited with us and shared their knowledge with Couch Potato Strong. Several are guests who have visited the Couch Potato Garage in person, others are top-level athletes from around the world. All have links to interviews with vast amounts of valuable knowledge. 

41. Thursday 9/2/2021 – Harold Lowry – Harold is an avid steel bender, who, after having back surgery invented apparatuses to aid in his recovery. Today you’ll see Harold melting steel in loose non-banded wraps, in the old school chest height manner. Harold is primarily self-taught in strength, he is well researched, but does not train with a coach. That, in addition to working through back adversity has helped Harold become somewhat of an awareness expert. Here Harold shares his journey, lessons learned, and tips for success. Thanks for chatting with us Harold. We hope you all enjoy this episode!

               Full Interview – Harold Lowry Interview

40. Tuesday 8/31/2021 – Tom Flesher – Tom is an FBBC Big Bastard Certified Bender. Tom has competed with some of the legends in grip, his knowledge of the sport is quite extensive. Tom has trained in all areas of grip and steel bending. The year he took home third place at the famous Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking championship! 

               Full Interview – Tom “Crusher” Flesher Interview

39. Saturday 8/28/2021 – Ivan Cuk – Ivan has certified on the Captains of Crush 3.5 and he has Credit Card Closed a Grip Genie GG6 rated at 187lbs by Cannon Powerworks. Ivan has the potential to become on of the most powerful gripper closers of all time. He has accomplished these feats, and, he is not yet 20 years old!

               Full Interview – Ivan Cuk Interview

38. Monday 7/12/2021 – London Schuirmann – London is a commercial mover. He works an occupation that not only requires strength, but, tests his capacity every single day. Some of the strongest men have come from hardworking backgrounds. Real world, functional strength, that is London’s focus. 

               Full Interview – London Schuirmann Interview

37. Thursday 7/8/2021 – Cortez Wallace – One of the most prolific health advisors publishing content on social media. Wholistic health expert covering topics of physical, mental, nutritional, and, spiritual fitness. Tez is also a top-level athlete, coach, and, avid cook. Lessons to improve quality of life is the focus of Tez Fitness.

               Full Interview – Cortez Wallace Interview

36. Tuesday 7/6/2021 – Matt Sahlfeld – Avid gripster, steel bender, and powerlifter presently training for armwrestling. Matt focuses his training on the wrists, grip, and, forearms. Matt is also in a battle with cancer, and, he continues to train daily! 

               Full Interview – Matt Sahlfeld Interview

35. Monday 6/28/2021 – Benjamin Cossey – Lightweight Grip Monster! Record Holder of Golden Potato Pullups, Weighted Pullup, Deadlift, and, Inventor of the Golden Potato Thumbless Lift! He also climbs stuff!

               Full Interview – Benjamin Cossey Interview

34. Thursday 6/24/2021 – Andrew Algarin – Grip athlete, Coach, and Father. Andrew makes time in a busy life to find the means to stay at the top of his grip game while Coaching others to become their very best in grip as well! 

               Full Interview – Andrew Algarin Interview

33. Tuesday 6/22/2021 – Tim Butler – Fitness aficionado, life changing journey from fat to fit! Tim is also a grip monster, capable of curling a blob while simultaneously lifting the Thomas Inch. Highly dedicated and driven, Tim is on track to be a one of the very best in grip. 

               Full Interview – Tim Butler Interview

32. Saturday 5/29/2021 – Joe Hodgson – Expert climber and monster grip athlete. Joe holds several grip world records, and, at the time of this interview, he has the heaviest Golden Potato Deadlift ever pulled! – 206.4lbs! 

               Full Interview – Joe Hodgson Interview

31. Sunday 5/23/2021 – Trey Abbot – Novice competition powerlifter and champion strongman! Avid Steel bender, ambassador for shortsteelbending.com. 

               Full Interview – Trey Abbot Interview

30. Tuesday 5/4/2021 – Jon Fluharty – Master of card tearing. Avid steel scroller, and winner of Beyond the Bend shortest bar steel bending contest (.25 category). 

               Full Interview – Jon Fluharty Interview

29. Wednesday 4/21/2021 – Gil Goodman – Grip Legend! All around elite level gripster and steel bender. Founder and operator of Barrel Strength Systems. Gil has invented grip equipment that is used at the biggest contests of grip sport. He is ranked among the very best in the sport. 

               Full Interview – Gil Goodman Interview

28. Tuesday 4/20/2021 – Daniel Strauss – Roger Gracie Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Certified Red Nail Bender, Strongman, grip enthusiast, practitioner of spirit training and mental toughness. Very strong well respected athlete! 

               Full Interview – Daniel Strauss Interview

27. Sunday 4/11/2021 – Riccardo Magni – Grip Master, Certified MM1 Closer, Multiple World Record Holder on Shallow Hub and 5″ Bull Ring.

               Full Interview – Riccardo Magni Interview

26. Monday 4/5/2021 – William Maddox – Lifelong Martial artist, grip enthusiast, practitioner of wholistic and creative fitness. 

               Full Interview – William Maddox Interview

25. Wednesday 3/24/2021 – Clay Edgin – Powerlifter, strongman, and, legend of bending and gripsport!

               Full Interview – Clay Edgin Interview

24. Monday 3/22/2021 – Travis Krebs – Grip Enthusiast, steel bender, card deck shredder, business owner and operator, husband, father of a toddler, busy man with great time management. 

               Full Interview – Travis Krebs Interview

23. Saturday 3/20/2021 – Albie Mushaney – World’s Strongest Santa! Professional Strongman and Powerlifter. 

               Full Interview – Albie Mushaney Interview

22. Thursday 3/18/2021 – Jenn Tibbenham – World Record Holding Strongwoman!

               Full Interview – Jenn Tibbenham Interview

21. Monday 3/15/2021 – Crossover Event with Beyond the Bend Podcast! Cody Christensen from Beyond the Bend has taken great effort to fully engross himself into the sport of steel bending. Not only has he accomplished many bending feats himself, he has reached out to, and, showcased the best benders in the sport. There is currently a boom in the sport of steel bending, and, Cody is in large part responsible for this boom. We are honored to be a part of this historical moment in steel bending!

               Full Interview – Beyond the Bend Podcast Crossover Interview

20. Thursday 3/11/2021 – Dave Nisbet – Strongman, powerlifter, and, barehanded horseshoe snapper! 

               Full Interview – Dave Nisbet Interview

19. Friday 2/26/2021 – Don Cummings – Master Steel Bender!

               Full Interview – Don Cummings Interview

18. Thursday 2/25/2021 – Jason Gillen – Record holding strongman and powerlifter!

               Full Interview – Jason Gillen Interview

17. Saturday 2/20/2021 – Derek Graybill – Master Steel Bender!

               Full Interview – Derek Graybill Interview

16. Saturday 2/13/2021 – Adam T. Glass – Titan of Gripsport!

               Full Interview – Adam T. Glass Interview

15. Monday – 2/8/2021 – Tod Becraft – Foremost authority on neck and trap strength, strength athlete, 20 years of gripsport!

               Full Interview – Tod Becraft Interview

14. Saturday – 2/6/2021 – Ben Glasscock – Competition powerlifter, strength coach, nutritionist, and gym expert!

               Full Interview – Ben Glasscock Interview

13. Wednesday – 1/27/2021 – Kitty Bates – Competitive Strongwoman!

               Full Interview – Kitty Bates Interview

12. Saturday – 1/23/2021 – Ben Edwards – Grip Sport Legend!

               Full Interview – Ben Edwards Interview

11. Saturday – 1/16/2021 – Mike Buck – Former competition powerlifter, top-level gripster, collector, and, creator. 

               Full Interview – Mike Buck Interview

10. Wednesday – 1/6/2021 – Joy Brown – Longevity expert, 73 years young, powerlifter and grip athlete. 

               Full Interview – Joy Brown Interview

9. Saturday – 12/19/2020 – Jacob Zarris – Competitive Tournament Chess Player. 

               Full Interview – Jake Zarris Interview part 1

                                             Jake Zarris Interview Part 2

8. Sunday – 11/1/2020 – Imam Elahi – USPA Powerlifter, Record Holder, and Referee. 

               Full Interview – Imam Elahi Interview

7. Sunday – 9/27/2020 – Mike Wilfong – Powerlifter, Strongman, Grip Athlete and Timberline Stone lifter!

               Full Interview – Mike Wilfong Interview

6. Sunday – 9/6/2020 – Myra King – Local Hero – Health Care worker.

               Full Interview – Myra King (aka Moo) Interview 

5. Sunday – 8/16/2020 – Chrish Newell and Fontaine Kaufmann – local obstacle course racers, grip sport world record holder, and, overall incredible athletes.

               Full Interview – Chrish Newell and Fontaine Kaufmann Interview

4. Sunday – 8/2/2020 – Jeremy Kaufmann – International level obstacle course racer, ultra marathoner, and, personal trainer. 

               Full Interview – Jeremy Kaufmann Interview

3. Tuesday – 7/21/2020 – Ryan Polin – Personal Trainer, and, Owner of Proprioception.

               Full Interview – Ryan Polin Interview

2. Saturday – 7/4/2020 – Christopher Daigle – Local Hero – SWAT Officer. 

               Videos from this visit – Couch Potato Youtube Channel

1. Wednesday – 6/24/2020 – Taylor Overmiller – Multiple time obstacle course racing winner. 

               Full interview – Taylor Overmiller Interview